Month: August 2021

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Will accounting firms get another high rating in this year’s customer satisfaction survey?

In the month of August, roughly 1,000 customers were interviewed by accounting firms of various sizes. The quarterly interviews cover areas such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and questions about the agency’s image, customer expectations, product quality, service and value for money. This year’s results will be presented in September. Many believe that in […]
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Protect yourself from fraud!

The fraud that had happened in 2020, is very unusual. The fraudsters reported agents via paper forms with forged signatures, for a few people with high incomes. An agent can access the information in the tax account of the person they represent. However, the agent can not request to withdraw money that is in the […]
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Good communication builds trust

The very foundation for a client-consultant relationship to grow and build each other’s trust is good communication. It is but essential for accounting firms to have a system in place that helps them directly connect, preferably one on one, with their clients. Communication is not just about providing clients with financial information and analysis but […]
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Positive labor market in payroll and accounting

Based on the latest occupational forecast for 2022 and 2026 of Swedish Public Employment Service, salary consultants and accounting consultants are in great demand in the labor market of the future. There are approximately 32,600 employed accounting economists in the country according to the Swedish Public Employment Service. Of that figure, 76 percent are women […]
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