Car benefit: New green cars and higher benefit value

Car benefit: New green cars and higher benefit value

The reduced benefit value is determined in a general council by the Swedish Tax Agency. In a position taken on 21 May 2021, the Swedish Tax Agency has supplemented the general council, SKV A 2020: 30 section 2.3, with new green cars that were added during the spring of 2021.

Furthermore, two car models of the Audi brand with production year 2021 (21AU0166 and 21AU0167) are being corrected. The correction means an increase in the benefit value by SEK 130 per month. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, the employer should, if applicable, provide corrected individual information for each month for the employee and request a corresponding reconsideration of the employer’s contributions.

The routine for car benefit calculation on has been updated with the new information. It also states for each car model which reduction is to be made when calculating the benefit value.

Another change in 2021 is that the standard for calculating the benefit value will be adjusted. The purpose is that the benefit value should better correspond to the cost of a privately owned car. The adjustment is carried out by changing the interest-related and price-related amounts, respectively.

The amendments to the law apply from 1 July 2021 and concern vans that are registered after the law has entered into force.

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