Changes in the tax calculation are to be announced!

There is an obligation to make a tax deduction at each payment occasion for those who pay salary or taxable compensation. Usually, the salary specification is the acknowledgment that the payer has made a tax deduction for the recipient. When the recipient receives a salary specification, the payer has thus fulfilled his responsibility to provide written information about tax deductions. That is why it is important that the right tax deduction is made. Failure to do so, there is a risk that the payer will deduct too much or too little tax. For payers who are the main employer, tax deductions must usually be made according to the tax table. The Swedish Tax Agency has an e-service, questions about tax deductions (FOS), to which the current year’s information can be sent to get an update.

For next year, changes in the tax calculation are announced with tax reductions. The proposal is that a temporary tax reduction for earned income be introduced due to increased labor costs as a result of the pandemic. If the tax reduction is introduced, it refers to natural persons with earned income in excess of SEK 60,000 and less than SEK 500,000 per year. Regardless of whether this is introduced or not, a new calendar year entails a new tax year. Before each new calendar year, the tax information thus needs to be updated. As of November 1, FOS can for the coming years, 2022. The answers will then come in mid-December, after the preliminary tax information is ready. In these cases, the answers are saved until 31 January. Alternatively, FOS is done directly in the payroll system via API. API enables the exchange of information without logging in and uploading files.

In 2021, the Swedish Tax Agency launched a new API that is used to find out either which tax deduction is to be made based on people’s tax information and stated gross salary. It is also possible to get an answer on what a net salary should correspond to in gross salary. It is very useful in connection with so-called net salary agreements. This means that is the net salary that is agreed between the employer and the employee. It is usually the gross salary that is agreed upon in Sweden, but with employees in other countries, it is not at all unusual with a net salary agreement.


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