Criminal companies use the Swedish welfare systems

Criminals are increasingly starting companies to be able to use the Swedish welfare systems for money. It shows a new picture of the organized crime from 12 authorities. In total, the state loses billions annually to organized crime.

Criminals often move in a gray area between illegal and legal activities, according to the situation. Black wages have partly turned into low white wages and there is exploitation of people, identity exploitation and false income information. Economic gain is an important driving force for organized crime.

When many authorities cooperate, our ability to attack and complicate criminals’ money management and laundering of criminal proceeds increases. We need to work together with all our toolboxes. The more we learn about how crime profits are handled, the better equipped we will be to take them back and make it more difficult for the upper echelons of the criminal hierarchies to reinvest in new criminal schemes or to create legitimate facades. For us at the Swedish Tax Agency, this is a high-priority area that in a very concrete way contributes to the benefit of society, says Elena Wallin, head of intelligence, the Swedish Tax Agency.

Common to the crime against paying systems and the evasion of taxes and fees is that it is directed at the state and that companies have a central role. The single largest payments from the welfare system are made to companies.

The authorities in the fight against organized crime face crime of varying nature, from drugs and violence to welfare crimes and various forms of economic crime.


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