Do you have control over your digital self?

Do you have control over your digital self?
Do you know that information about you can be found and accessible in company and government databases? Have you checked as to what extent your personal information being shared publicly? How will you gain increased control over them, while society benefits from digital technology?
These issues were addressed in a report of four authorities with the telling title:
“Assignment to enable solutions for the individual to control and transparency of data about the individual.”
The four authorities, namely, The Swedish Public Employment Service, the e-health authority, the Swedish Tax Agency and DIGG (Agency for Digital Government) recently presented a report concerning how various community services are to be delivered to citizens.
Among Authorities
Much more to do, but it is already evident the establishment of administrative digital infrastructure which provides good conditions for Sweden to realize increased transparency and control in the future. It is necessary that both the public sector and the business community handle the individual’s data in a correct way. This can be realized and improved through the increased citizens’ knowledge, technical solutions, new legislation and modern protection of privacy and integrity.
Convenient for Individual
There is a need to make easier for individuals to provide information to authorities, especially such information that already exists in the public administration. This is to address the individuals’ and companies’ demands for simplification and demands for digital communication channels.
What gives Sweden a advantage in a data-driven administration is the data has been collected so far about individuals and that the authorities have clear support in the law for collecting and updating a large amount of information. It is estimated that the existing services My agents, My cases and My profile can become building blocks in the new administrative digital infrastructure.
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