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KMSG & Co is the customer’s external finance department, thereby creating security, relief and predictability.  Our way of working is characterized by commitment, service and competence.

Provide users with appropriate view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions

Why should you master precision?

1. It makes you pay attention even to smallest details.
In accounting, you can avoid huge tax fines when figure out small errors.

3. It allows you value the process equally with your goal.
Not just goal-driven but also process-oriented. When you master the process, you also master precision and vice versa. Goal is not difficult to reach when you go through with the right process.

2. It increases accuracy.
The more you are precise, the more you are accurate. Accuracy is vital in the field of accounting. Accounting without accuracy is not accounting at all.
Do not risk your business with poor accounting system. Getting an outsourced bookkeeping, through their expertise and mastery on precision, keeps all aspects of your company on track.
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With our services and personal service, we create security and free up time for our customers! Our services are based on offering our customers qualified accounting services, financial statements and both tax and income tax returns.

In 2025, KMSG is an attractive employer and dynamic business with 25 employees working in teams towards common goals. The business has a stable economy, a clear business structure and profitable, loyal customers.

These are the benefits it gives you:
Provides you with objective point of view
Thoroughly reviews your financial information
Refrains you from legal and tax issues
Educates you as business proprietor

Excellent accounting support, as it provides valuable and reliable data, assists you in your decision-making process and rises your business’ efficiency.

There is  designed digital covid-19 e-certificate intended for EU which will take effect on July 1, 2021 and will

We scrutinize your business results. Let the expertise of professional team of accountants assist you in all your financial documents and feel better knowing that they scrutinize and double check your accounting works.

Decide and make that first step on your goals and we will guide you through it.


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