Only under 1.5 million people are notified of residual tax

At the beginning of August, almost 2.7 million people will receive their final tax returns, most of them with residual tax. Together, they must pay SEK 26.8 billion by 12 November. Most of the tax rebate has already been paid, but just under 320,000 people are now allowed to share just over four billion in rebates.

– Most people who receive a final tax notice now have tax to pay. The remaining tax does not have to be paid until 12 November, says Johan Schauman, tax return expert at the Swedish Tax Agency. It is possible to pay now or split the payment. The remaining tax can be paid via Swish or by bank transfer.

The Swedish Tax Agency does not automatically send out payment cards because most people pay digitally, but payment cards can be ordered.

A common reason for residual tax is that there is more than one employer or pension payer. It can also be due to the fact that you own a property and have to pay a property tax or that you have sold a home or securities at a profit.

– Those who usually receive residual tax and want to avoid it next year can ask employers or pension payers to deduct more tax or apply for adjustment. The Swedish Tax Agency’s website has an e-service for calculating its tax, says Anna Sjöberg, tax return expert.

Those who have a digital mailbox will receive the final tax notice this week, while traditional mail takes a few weeks. Those who have money to get back have these in the account between 3 and 6 August.

Anyone who misses the last payment date must pay interest of 16.25 percent from 13 November. If the residual tax is not paid on 28 December, the debt is sent to the Enforcement Officer if it amounts to SEK 2,000 or more.

Just over 850,000 of those who receive a final tax return now receive the item withholding tax or a refund. A small number of people will not receive a final tax return in August. This may be due to the fact that the Swedish Tax Agency had questions about the declaration during its inspection or that no declaration was submitted.

In April and June, more than five million people received tax refunds totaling almost SEK 45 billion.



The Swedish Tax Agency’s press release


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