Payroll consultant will be one of the categories on Linkedin!

Linkedin is a very helpful tool to make your career move forward, to be noticed and widen your network. With the inclusion of payroll consultant in one of the categories in Linkedin it makes their skills even more visible.

This is an evident sign that the status of the wage profession is increasing. In addition, with the salary consultants becoming increasingly visible, this probably  becomes increasingly attractive in the labor market.

In fact, today you have to choose a category such as finance or HR when working with a salary. Although it can be close to the tasks sometimes, it is not what salary is about. In reality, those titles do not reflect the special skills of salaried employees.

Further, for those who want to work outside their country’s borders, there are many good contact points on Linkedin. The opportunity to work internationally can attract more people to our job, for example the younger ones.

Linkedin currently has 148 different categories (industries) listed. The preliminary announcement is that salary (payroll) will be a category in June 2022. There is currently no announcement of categories in Swedish.




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