Positive labor market in payroll and accounting

KMSG Positive labor

Based on the latest occupational forecast for 2022 and 2026 of Swedish Public Employment Service, salary consultants and accounting consultants are in great demand in the labor market of the future.

There are approximately 32,600 employed accounting economists in the country according to the Swedish Public Employment Service. Of that figure, 76 percent are women and 24 percent men. The gender distribution among the country’s approximately 15,500 employed payroll and personnel administrators is 90 percent women and ten percent men.

Arbetsförmedlingen foresees slight competition for jobs and writes: “This means that people who have the required education or experience will have great opportunities for work.” Futher, Ingrid Viklund Ros, a labor market analyst at the Swedish Public Employment Service, states that education is becoming increasingly important for success in the labor market.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, many believe that there will be good job opportunities in several parts of the labor market. But it is also clear that a completed education is of great importance for standing up to the competition for jobs.

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