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The fraud that had happened in 2020, is very unusual. The fraudsters reported agents via paper forms with forged signatures, for a few people with high incomes. An agent can access the information in the tax account of the person they represent. However, the agent can not request to withdraw money that is in the tax account.

According to Anders Bäck, unit manager at the Swedish Tax Agency, they take the fraud very seriously,  The tax account contains sensitive information that unauthorized persons must absolutely not have access to.

After the incident, a new routine was introduced. The authorization to be a representative for someone does not take effect until two weeks after a notification has been registered via paper. In this way, any errors can be corrected before the authorization takes effect. Affected persons are always notified that a representative has been registered.

The agency has also developed a new service where everyone can block the possibility of notifying agents on paper. It covers all services where agents can be registered with e-identification. It has also carried out a special check linked to the fraud.

For those who have e-identification,  they are recommended of getting a digital mailbox, and as extra security connect to the services block unauthorized agent registration and block unauthorized change of address.


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