The significant impact of sustainable development on tax

Tax is a way for the state to collect money, it has always been so, but it can also be means of control

There is  question whether or not the tax system is the most important instrument we have. It is a fact, that its design affects us all and what choices we make. Further, it can happen relatively quickly. Just look at the benefit taxation and how it governs the choice of company car. The low tax on electric cars compared to the high tax on larger diesel cars greatly affects the companies’ car fleet.

Sustainable savings

Exactly how much a company earns from, for example, stopping driving fossil-free varies from company to company. But it is clear that it is a sustainable change, both for the company and society.

That you do some form of sustainability reporting, for example according to NSRS, is becoming increasingly important. It is not only politics that steers in that direction, so does the market. The entrepreneur who finds it difficult to get the variables in order may choose to enlist the help of an accounting consultant, says Mats Brockert.

Fresh benefits

A bill could enable companies to provide their employees with the benefit of a free bicycle at a reduced benefit value, so-called bicycle benefit. The idea is to further reduce driving and at the same time contribute to public health through increased exercise. The law can come into force on January 1, 2022.

Some proposals in the tax area can almost be compared to signal policy, but it does not have to be something bad in itself. There is a value in the state being clear about what is rewarded, for example sustainability, says Mats Brockert and adds:

The only long-term sustainable thing for companies is, of course, to always handle all their taxes correctly. And remember that there can also be financial benefits to keeping up to date with the subsidies and tax reductions that tax legislation offers.



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