Take advantage the advisory role of the authorized accounting consultant

Because of the pandemic, the society has been tested in a completely new way and many entrepreneurs have faced enormous challenges, both personally and financially. But this situation has led more accounting consultants to take the step and shoulder the role of advisor to their clients. By supporting the companies and making forecasts of results and financial position, authorized accounting consultants have, for example, contributed to the fact that the right support has been sought from both the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. This in turn has contributed to more companies surviving and more people being able to keep their jobs. Truly, it is but right to recognize that one of the strong contributing factors to the rapid recovery is what the authorized accounting consultants have done.

The role of consultant can be anything from giving the customer the right key figures to make decisions on the monthly report to helping to develop processes for increased profitability. They also give advice on tougher issues such as lack of liquidity, insolvency issues and control balance sheets. An authorized accounting consultant have an advisory role in contacting their clients;

One opportunity having an accounting consultant is the automation in work. Even though a larger part of the accounting today is managed automatically in the software, it is still the entrepreneur’s responsibility that it is done correctly. With increased automation and digitization, the need for a wise financial advisor who can guide the customer correctly among the various choices that entrepreneurs need to make in order for the business to develop and prosper also increases.

Also, another area with great opportunities for advice is on sustainability. Economic sustainability should be the core businesses as it also clarifies how companies ensure their long-term survival and growth. Therefore, it is innate for companies to turn to their accounting consultant in a situation when a major adjustment is needed to ensure the company’s survival. Social and environmental sustainability is also important for society, and in addition, these aspects also have an economic impact that together have a greater effect than many may think – not least when it comes to identifying risks and opportunities.  An accounting consultant helps their clients with the contribution to a sustainable business life, a sustainable professional life and a sustainable world at large.

The authorized accounting consultant has the right skills, education and knowledge to be the sharp advisor that companies expect. An authorized accounting consultant have the experience and knowledge needed to advise for their clients on the most appropriate choices and make the best decisions based on the company’s situation and conditions.

So if you have not already done so, take the opportunity – otherwise someone else will!

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