Will accounting firms get another high rating in this year’s customer satisfaction survey?

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In the month of August, roughly 1,000 customers were interviewed by accounting firms of various sizes. The quarterly interviews cover areas such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and questions about the agency’s image, customer expectations, product quality, service and value for money. This year’s results will be presented in September.

Many believe that in this year’s survey, the accounting industry has good prospects of repeating its extremely good result. The pandemic has caused great uncertainty and a great need for advice and support for many companies, which were categories the industry received very high marks in 2019. I think the industry has a way of working that should give good results in a troubled time like the pandemic.

The scale for survey goes from 0 to 100. The average in Sweden is 66. A customer satisfaction rating below 60 indicates a great dissatisfaction among customers. Grades over 75 are very good and accounting services received a full 79.3 in grades 2019. This was hardly seen anything like this since  2005. In fact, only the private dentists can match that customer satisfaction. They also received good grades in 2021 as well.

In the quality measurements made before and during the pandemic, there are many sectors that have large differences in customer satisfaction. Corporate customers are more affected than private customers. Companies can see this time as a test of whether they are really the best when it comes to. Can accounting firms step up when companies are fighting for their survival and provide top-notch service or not? It will be extremely interesting to watch.


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