Work from the office, from home or in a hybrid solution?

Even before the Covid19 pandemic, the work from home or online work setting was already emerging. With the fast-phased advancement of technology and breakthrough of high speed internet connections, working within the four corners of one’s home is always possible.

The descending number of Covid19 cases allowed some to resume work at their regular workplace, others have had their office at home. However, the conditions may be different based on, for example, industry, number of employees and geographical location. For many, the transition from office to telework took place very quickly. Companies are now re-evaluating how and where the work is to be carried out, which also places many different and new demands.

One that is known to almost everyone especially this time is the hybrid variant, with a number of days in the office and a number from home. An important question to ask yourself as an employer when discussing where the work should be performed is what should be considered a place of employment. Place of employment is the place where an employee performs the majority of his work and can only be one place.

Further, one of the reasons for working from home is to reduce the number of people an employee meet, for example in public transport. Because it also became possible to park at the workplace without being taxed on benefits. Something that is valid throughout 2021 but which ends after the coming turn of the year.

Also, As an employer, there is a far-reaching work environment responsibility to ensure safety in the workplace. This must be done in accordance with SAM, systematic work environment work, which largely means that the work environment must be screened regularly.

A risk assessment needs to be carried out and with Covid 19 it can be about, for example, how the spread of infection in the workplace is to be prevented. The question may then arise as to whether the employer can require vaccination, which depends on the business. The employer is still free to ask about vaccination fabrics, but not to keep their own registers of who is and is not vaccinated.

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