Redovisning och ekonomitjänster

5 augusti, 2020 i Nyheter

Attention to Employee with multiple Employers

A residual tax for multiple employer and pension payer is due soon. If you are one of them, then taxes…
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30 juli, 2020 i Nyheter

12 500 income Tax Free!

Yes, you read it right! If you earn 12 500 SEK you are not liable to declare this to the…
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21 juli, 2020 i Nyheter

Ready for vacation? Read this!

Summer is here, and all we need is to relax due to the stress that we have and brought by…
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19 juli, 2020 i Nyheter

Glad sommar!

Önskar vi alla nya och gamla kunder! Men ser fram emot hösten igen när vi tar nya tag igen.
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